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Sardinia has one of the most extraordinary and mysterious archaeological heritages of the Mediterranean.

The land was dominated for centuries by the Nuragic civilization, flourished between two thousand and one thousand BC and whose roots survive in today’s Sardinia.

Thousands of monuments remind us that golden age flourished on the island that Plato called Atlantis and that Greeks, Carthaginians and Romans had dedicated to the same God, called Heracles, Hercules or Melqart.

Carved stones, rocks polished by human hands, by water and wind, nuraghes, giants’ tombs, dolmens, domus de Janas, holy wells: ghosts of stone, symbols and images of a lost civilization, majestic and mysterious monuments whose ultimate meaning is not yet fully understood are found everywhere in Sardinia and in particular in Barbagia and Baronia.

The area where the B&B lies is rich in archaeological evidence, such as domus de Janas (fairy houses), caves inhabited for several millennia before the birth of Christ and tombs of giants.